In 20gms, 50gms, and 2 Kgs, great-tasting Macafe ground coffee is picked right from our farm and produced at the factory with its natural flavors. It's certified by UNBS and ready for you to consume.


We do wholesale roasting and coffee subscription services for individuals and companies based in Uganda. We have exclusive offerings that can be limited to subscribers

Our Story

Macheri Coffees (U) Ltd is a family-owned private company that grows and processes high-quality Bugisu-washed arabica coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon. We also work hand in hand with our neighbourhood smallholder farmers as out-growers ensuring traceability, and good farming practices.

Our coffee comes from our own coffee plantations and selected members, grown in the rich volcanic soils of Mt Elgon at an altitude of 1500 meters, it is shade grown, and most of our coffee trees are over 50 years.

We use the traditional methods of weed control slashing and hand hoe in an eco-friendly environment. These ensure a unique aroma freshness and taste.

Our Processes

On the Farm
Most of our coffee trees are over 50 years old, grown in shade trees, slashing and hand hoe weeding are the main weed control methods, trees are pruned annually, occasionally farm manure or artificial fertilizers are used to ensure full ripening of the cherry – in cases of high yielding trees. Flowering in February and March, Cherries harvest starts in July – November, and only fully ripe (red) cherries are picked by hand.
The Mature ripe (Red) cherries, before they are pulped, they are poured into big tanks filled with water. The flotation method is used to separate good and bad cherries; good cherries sink and bad cherries float. Only good cherries are pulped. Put in the big tank to ferment for 24hrs/48hrs, washed by hand, and sun-dried on trays raised above the ground. The final parchment coffees with a moisture content of 12% are mechanically pre-cleaned, hulled, and graded in screen sizes: AA, A, AB, and PB.
Roasted Coffee
We roast only on demand, so our customers get freshly roasted coffee, superior in flavors and aroma. For ground coffee powered is and packed using internationally approved packaging materials to ensure long shelve life and freshness of the coffee keeping the aroma. We are certified by UNBS
Green Coffee Sourcing

Coffee Sample Requests

We understand you would like to examine the quality of our coffee and find out if they are suitable for your needs.

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