We proudly present the finest selection of Ugandan green coffee beans, sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Uganda’s renowned coffee regions. Our mission is to share the rich flavors and heritage of Ugandan coffee with the world.

We are dedicated to delivering green coffee beans of unparalleled quality, meticulously selected from our own farm and smallholder farms and cooperatives that we work with. Our commitment to sustainable sourcing practices ensures that every bean represents a story of ethical cultivation and environmental responsibility.

What Sets Us Apart: Quality Assurance, Traceability, Partnership

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks ensure that only the finest green coffee beans, reflecting the unique terroir of Uganda, reach our discerning customers.
  • Traceability: From the fertile soils to your cup, trace the journey of each bean. We prioritize transparency, allowing you to appreciate the origin and story behind every batch.
  • Partnership: By collaborating closely with local farmers and cooperatives, we foster long-term relationships built on fairness and mutual respect, empowering communities and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Explore our diverse range of premium green coffee beans, showcasing the distinctive profiles and flavors characteristic of Ugandan coffee. From single-origin lots to specialty blends, our selection caters to roasters, retailers, and coffee enthusiasts seeking excellence.

Whether you’re a roaster aiming to create unique blends or a distributor passionate about offering exceptional coffee, Macheri Coffee Uganda is your gateway to the essence of Ugandan coffee.

For coffee offers contact: dmacheri@machericoffeeuganda, sales@machericoffeeuganda.com